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Web Design Successful design is more than clever artwork. Web development is more than making a design appear on a screen. Whether yours is a simple website or a complex database-driven e-Commerce  system, the solution we deliver for you will be the product of a thorough  process.

Northern Monkey Media produces sites that are easy to navigate, with built-in content management systems so you control your site’s look and content. As well as bespoke website design we also offer starter packages at reasonable prices.

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Mobile Website Design The number of mobile devices making connections to the internet grew by a whopping 80% in 2011. That means at least 80% more users are connecting to the internet from a mobile device than this time last year. Have you ever thought of how your site looks on a mobile phone?

And are you making the most of this opportunity or potentially missing out on business?

Why is this important? Your shopfront and website give your consumers an important first impression. Online, that first impression can mean the difference between a 1 second visit and someone buying from you.

64% of affluent app users say they view brands with mobile apps more favourably. With mobile phone web browsing rapidly growing, are you optimised for mobile phones to ensure you win and retain your mobile customers? Latest reports estimate that mobile search will generate 27.8 billion more queries than desktop search by 2016, but those mobile visitors will be seeing your desktop site unless you do something about it.

Responsive’ Mobile Optimisation The website is optimised to automatically re-arrange itself for easier viewing on small screens when a small screen is detected